Thursday, March 28, 2013

HS50EXR and F900EXR – Review Part 3 – ISO Ladder (*updated*)

The time-honored ISO ladder allows us to look at each camera’s performance in JPEG against its peers. In this case, I compared the two against one another, but also against the F770EXR, the F200EXR (much older technology but a larger sensor) and as a reference, the Panasonic G5 m4/3 camera shot and processed in RAW.

The usual protocol … no IS, tripod, timer release, manual mode, and so on. The G5 had no BR applied until 800 ISO. The G5 also has an issue with focal plane. The right side of the bristles are out of focus. Otherwise, this is a rather interesting comparison.

And without further ado …

My Analysis

The HS50EXR struggles from 200ISO onward. It appears to want to clump pretty badly. The F900EXR does very well.

The newer JPEG engines hold decent saturation all the way to 6400 ISO. Wow. The F770, on the other hand, wiped out pretty early on color balance.

The F200EXR shows its age. It cannot hope to play in this league any more.

Note: There is a follow up article, part 4 3200 ISO, that examines more real world usage of these same files at 3200 ISO. Have a look …