Saturday, March 9, 2013

Zeolite … free energy for fast drying cycles … who knew?

In a world where the “dumbing down” of politics and media has reached tragic proportions, it is wonderful to know that scientists and engineers still exist who are trying to improve the world, albeit for corporate gain :-/

So here we have a story about a Bosch dishwasher, not the sexiest story of course unless you are a geek who revels in interesting factoids and happen to also have some hope that the human race might survive this current stage of our development where the powerful are raping the planet and most of its inhabitants equally. Oh, sorry, I laid it on a bit thick there :-)

Anyway, Bosch is making use of an amazing mineral in the zeolite class. These are minerals that “adsorb[sic]” water, producing enough heat in seconds to boil water. And this water is released later to replenish the crystals for the next cycle. Whoa … free energy? So it would seem … these are natural chemical processes and as such do not require the injection of electricity to work.

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