Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Cuppa STFU?

At the Roger Daltrey concert a few weeks ago, we had a slight verbal altercation with a member of the audience sitting in front of us.

Nick was rather boisterous, thoroughly enjoying the concert as he is wont to do … at some point during the following video (during Who Are You I believe), this fellow gets fed up with Nick’s loud comments on how he needs “more beers” and screams “I’d like a cup of shut the fuck up!” at Nick.

You can actually the comment on the video and you can hear Jon echo it because Nick didn’t hear it. He turned and laughed at the guy. One wonders why old farts think rock concerts are for quiet contemplation :-)

Anyway, it was with surprise and delight (second time I used that word in a post today) that I saw this wonderful 50’s style poster on Facebook …