Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Harper’s Crime Bill C-10 rejected by Texas conservatives … wow …

I must admit that I think spending billions on prisons is probably the most f-cked up waste of money imaginable. Rich people get richer and poor people end up in jail for smoking pot, when they were only looking for a place to sleep and a bag of Doritos :-)

Instead, we could spend that money to …. oh I don’t know …. perhaps ensure that our regulatory environment was less screwed up so we don’t get repeats of Listeria outbreaks and clinics where sterilization is considered optional.

Sheesh, spend the money where it will really counts instead of where certain cronies will get rich on construction contracts or wherever it is that the money is getting funneled (and I think it would be monumentally naïve to assume that the money is not being put to good use securing fat contracts for some post-political careers …)

Anyway … have a look.