Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fuji X100 FIrmware Upgrade to Version 1.11 fixes the nasty solarization issue!

Thanks goodness. This was really bugging me. When you get an item into focus, even in low light, the contrast on the LCD is pretty high. So much so that light grey turns pure white on the LCD even at brightness –1 setting. But under firmware 1.10, it also would go into total solarization, which is horrid to look at. It sort of looks like this:


Now, in fact Fuji lists three fixes as increments over firmware 1.10; these points are a direct copy and paste from their page (see link at bottom of article) with spelling and grammar adjusted:
  • Performance of auto focus at near distance has been improved.
  • When "SHADOW TONE" is set to "MEDIUM SOFT" or "SOFT," live view in LCD may display with abnormal pattern (so-called "solarisation") just after pressing the shutter halfway. This update improves the phenomenon.
  • When self-timer mode is selected, focus and exposure (AE/AF) are set just after pressing the shutter button and these settings remain for the final shutter release.
These seem like very useful fixes, but the middle one is the one that bugged me the most so far.
For those who would like to see proof, and who perhaps have never seen this issue, here is a short video I put together with the before and after proof that it was bad and appears to be gone …

Get the new firmware here: