Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reprise – The Tragically Hip in Ottawa at the National Arts Center – 28 September 2009

So why the reprise? Well, I realized last night that I should make the video of the Hip that I always wanted to make. I have most of this concert on film and have posted perhaps a dozen of the songs individually. But the real impact from A tragically Hip concert comes from watching the whole thing and seeing Gord Downey’s antics as the unfold throughout the concert.

As I was going over it last night, I was struck at just how entertaining this band can be. Their shows are an experience and the audience cannot help but feel the joy and leave with great satisfaction.

I posted the set list already once before, but here it is again:

If you want to see the images I shot with the Canon G10 at this concert, check this out:

And now … the big moment. This was mastered in Sony Vegas Platinum 11 as always (I have purchased a full license for the suite, which includes Sound Forge and a few other useful tidbits.) The sound has been greatly upgraded from the original by the boosting of bass and treble and the dropping a small but of the midrange. A classic rock curve and it works great here. Listen to it LOUD!

Update: I just listened to it on headphones for the first time and it is even better than I thought.

It is shot, by the way, very close. A lot of footage has not much more than Downey’s head in it, which kind of makes it look like 16mm footage from the 60’s … and I really like that. I hope you enjoy it …