Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And the Luddites Speak

Last week I railed against the Catholic School Teachers’ attack on WiFi in schools as a lack of critical thinking.

This week, some mothers in the Ottawa school board have been inspired to show off their own lack of critical thinking and are speaking out against it. Apparently, their children are being put at risk by the plans to put WiFi into all schools.


One presumes that they therefore have no devices in their homes that emit these frequencies, and of course that they have no cell phones in the house, as those emit far stronger signals on these same frequencies. And of course that their children forbidden to walk about in the real world, where you can turn on your cell in any shopping mall and find a half dozen WiFi signals at any one place.

Face it … WiFi is ubiquitous, and all the whinging in the world is not going to make it go away. But what can happen, is for a few Luddites to stifle progress, thus putting Canada on the road to dropping in the world’s educational standings and thus securing our future as a second rate power … or at least Ontario. Perhaps the rest of Canada is not quite so Puritan in their approach to progress.

Anyway … perhaps it is also time for them to get moving on that fight against the horseless carriage. These things look like they have a lot of potential for harm to our children through that stuff that comes out the back.