Tuesday, February 21, 2012

F550EXR – If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen … or perhaps that should read: how’s about a purple nurple?

I’ve complained about the wonky rendering of the elements on my new stove before. And I did again just this morning. So I decided to quickly shoot some images from three cameras just to see if this was as unusual as it seems …

Of course, I was pretty sloppy so the D7000 looks like crap (noisy) at 12,800 ISO, but at least the elements are red :-)

The F300EXR looks reasonable at 1600 ISO, and the elements are also red.

And finally, the F550 at 1600 ISO looks strange and other-worldly. What has happened here is that the blue channel has been pumped up for some reason to about the same levels as the red channel, giving a nice purply colour.

So there you have it … WTF?

I think it is related to heat sensitivity … remember that the soup shot I posted today has this purple steam as well.

One wonders if Fuji’s approach to CMOS EXR technology might have some issues. The strange flare and purple heat of the F550, the ORBs and slight case of strange flare on the X10. It seems that the engineering team needs to pay more attention to their test cases.