Friday, February 17, 2012

Proud owner of a new Porsche!

Nikon D7000 & Nikon 85mm 1.8D  400iso  f/2.2  1/250 –2/3ev -- built-in flash at –2/3ev

So I tried it in one of my USB3 ports and …. pfffft. Nothing. Tried it in the other and …. nothing. Strangely, other devices work fine in those ports.

I figured I’d try it in a USB2 port as I could not believe that I had 2 DOA drives in a row. (The crappy Seagate I had did not work in any port.) And sure enough, it fired right up. I immediately loaded up the disk manager and wiped out the auto backup software and its partition so I could format the entire disk as one massive backup drive.

I turned on disk compression as well, since fast CPUs can apparently keep up with the disk, thus improving throughput by shrinking data. Of course, images are already compressed, but every little bit helps.

Anyway … it’s plugging away right now at a snail’s pace, copying over 80,000 files. Should run most of the night but, hey, backups after this are incremental so what do I care. I have to investigate the USB3 mismatch in impedance (figurative, but perhaps for real too :-) but am in no real hurry. With 2 backup drives online I am happy again.

This thing is built like a tank and is a beautiful piece to behold. Well worth ordering from BHPhoto. In fact, it is cheaper than many other models and can only be considered an incredible bargain. BHPhoto shipped it for 12 bucks and it arrived in barely 3 or 4 days, including clearing customs. Most impressive. I can’t recommend B&H Photo highly enough.

I just checked and the damned thing just dropped another 5 bucks. Geeeeeez! Smile