Sunday, April 18, 2010

F80EXR – Stabilization test …

I snapped a few quick shots from the steering wheel of my car and thought the results worth blogging. I snapped a half dozen … statistically, I’d say usable images were at about 50%.

So … the stabilization is pretty good in the F80EXR.

This was shot on our main highway, the Queensway. At about 120kph, the speed traffic was going at the time.



Click through to read that license plate :-)

(And yes, I wiped out some letters and digits so you can’t trace this fellow.)


Unknown said...

It ended up with me buying the F80 and i think it does what it should do. I´m really an amateur so i think it is a bit advanced but its fun to learn. Maybe i buy a real camera soon. This pic i took at a catshelter i work on.
Thanks for a great blog!

Kim Letkeman said...

Kalle: I am sure you will be pretty happy with that camera. If super low light is not your thing, then the F80EXR is just fine for most images. I've posted a fair range by now and cannot say that I am unhappy with it. Your image is nice. When you get close like that, remember to watch for the bad focus (red AF!) indicator ... and don;t forget to switch macro mode on when you shoot close and then off again when you shoot further away. I've been brain farting lately and missing that :-)

Unknown said...

I will try that, thanks. And yes, bad focus requiers a couple of times sometimes before it finds focus.

Kim Letkeman said...

Kalle: I thought I was noticing the F80 being more finicky about focusing than the F70, and it is still possible that there is something there. But in my more recent articles with general use, I can;t say that I have had any trouble with focusing. Let me know if you have much trouble. Thanks.