Monday, September 7, 2009

Andriana at a Crombie McNeill Workshop at Balderson

I am not certain of the spelling of her name, but the final model from the Balderson has been processed. I used a very harsh form of processing for her, as I thought these looked right that way. Edgy they want, edgy it is.

She did not seem to be feeling very well and appeared to feel quite cold, so we had a very short session. This was the second last session of the day, the last being the lingerie session with Blythe, which is already posted.

Most of thew posing was next to a fairly large window with a fairly dark background, which made for wonderful light that sculted her very well. I turned up the contrast quite a bit on these as mentioned above. I used a fair amount of glow, but not the full amount. I wanted to retain the contrasty edge.

This next one is the softest one I did, and I'm not sure I like it as much as the others. But it's a nice pose, so it stays.

This one is more like it ... very harsh light, yet it shows her features very nicely ...

Balderson was a real eye opener for me. Extremely difficult lighting ... a chance to add light ... lots of contrast, and very amenable to black and white treatment. I'm really glad I did this shoot.

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very nice! as usual