Wednesday, September 9, 2009

F70EXR -- high res versus low res

So I tried some shots of my Purple Ninebark and FAILED!!!

I have had to reshoot the test as I noticed later that the HR shots were at 400ISO. This because of the way the F70EXR handles 400% DR settings.

So I reshot the test *very carefully* setting M and L sizes explicitly at 100ISO, then setting them on tripod and using self timer to release. No vibrations, perfect sharpness. I loaded into ACR5 and capture sharpened there. Then to CS4, where I upsized the 5mp image to perfectly match the size of the 10mp image. I then sharpened each to pull out all the detail they had without adding halos.

The final crops vindicate my earlier results ... there *still* is slightly less detail at 10mp than at 5mp uprezzed. Whew!

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