Sunday, September 6, 2009

Charlotte at a Crombie McNeill Workshop at Balderson

As mentioned in the Blythe Balderson post, we were shooting lingerie at times. Charlotte brought and wore a black brassiere with black shiny skin tight pants, very high heels and a shiny black coat ... crinkly.

I managed at least a dozen images that I really like. They are not all that risque, but definitely have the feel of high fashion.

I am waiting as I write this for permission from Charlotte (through Crombie) to post them. Here is one image that I feel I can post without explicit permission, since it does not pose any risk to the model's presentation on the Internet.

The rest, if I get permission.

Edit: I've decided not to post the rest. They will be seen at the review, and by Charlotte of course when she gets the CD that is produced from the workshop. Some will also appear in my professional portfolio, should such a thing ever exist :-)

Edit 2: I just received word that Charlotte is very pleased with the image above and the following image and is happy to have them on the blog. They are the two most subdued poses of the session and would have been my choices as well.

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