Friday, September 25, 2009

F70EXR Generates Massive Traffic

Since buying the F70EXR, my blog has had a rather spectacular rise in traffic. This is, of course, the product of my interest in the camera and its growing popularity ... and the fact that I post links to my articles over at the Fuji Talk Forum at DPReview. Obviously, that is the world's most consistently rabid source of Fuji fans and is exactly the group that should see this stuff.

But the size of the spike and the fact that it is managed to last about 26 days is what surprises me. I was averaging around 100 to 200 hits a day for a long time, and over the last 26 days, I have averaged 1,429 hits a day. That's one hit per minute for 26 days ... cool :-)

Here is the Google Analytics data that tells me this ...

Click to see the full sized screen shot.

What you can see in there is that my equipment posts and my home page seem to generate all the traffic. No one comes to read about my movie reviews or my latest trip to the Symphony ... no surprise there :-)

This is even cooler ... last time I did the traffic check, I believe I managed something like 76 countries. Well, this month has generated traffic from 96 countries ... my thoughts are pan-global ... like a plague you could say :-)

I think the fact that Singapore is #5 on this list is amazing. Small country, rabid Fuji fans obviously. What is cool is that Singapore is the place where cameras tend to come out first ... and a young fella there posted the very first images form the very first camera sold world-wide. Good for him ... and those images helped me decide to take a shot with this camera, a move I have never regretted.

I will obviously continue testing theories that are posted on the FTF ... I wonder how long this spike in traffic can last?

Anyway ... sorry for the ego post ... had to get that out of my system :-)

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