Monday, September 7, 2009

F70EXR -- zoom versus crop

Someone on the Fuji Talk Forum speculated that perhaps the F200EXR in HR (12mp) mode would be better than the F70EXR in EXR DR (5mp) mode at the same crop size.

Since I don't have the F200EXR, I performed the test with the F70EXR in 10mp and 5mp modes, but added a bit of magnification to the 10mp mode to compensate for it not being 12mp.

So the two shots I made in manual mode used identical setting ... f5.6 and 1/40s at 100 ISO .... I hand held the shots, so to get excellent sharpness I shot in continuous mode with last 3 set. This worked well ... but only 1 in 3 was sharp both times. Optical focal length in 10mp mode was 150mm, in 5mp mode 270mm. The F200EXR actually stops at 140mm ...

I then cropped the same apparent crop at the exact pixel size, with the HR one being slightly larger at the subject level, and created a crops image. The result is predictable form what I have so far seen ... the F70EXR is much cleaner at all ISOs in 5mp mode, and the optical zoom more than makes up for the drop in resolution.

I have no reason to doubt that the same will hold true of the F200EXR ... making the F70EXR at 5mp and 270mm optical zoom better for details ...

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