Wednesday, September 9, 2009

F70EXR -- definitive corner test

The FTF is alive with talk of sample variations, and it appears to be a problem. One fellow got two copies of the F70EXR (unfortunately with consecutive serial numbers) that both have two soft corners.

So I thought I'd take a moment to test mine. Here are four images ... two at 3:2 then 4:3 at 270mm from about 15 feet ... and two at 27mm from about 3 feet. Hyperfocal distance (start of sharpness zone that goes to infinity) is around 1.5 feet, so focusing on the closest part of the bush will have the whole thing in focus I think.

There are minor exposure and contrast adjustments here, but *no extra sharpening whatsoever* ...

270mm 3:2

270mm 4:3

27mm 3:2

27mm 4:3

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