Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crombie McNeill Workshop at the Byward Market -- Erin

I've already blogged the shoot itself in this post on 27 September. Obviously, all the travel and deadlines have killed my ability to finish processing the images. I processed them until 4:30am last night in preparation for tonight's review, which was postponed until next Thursday :-(

Anyway ... in this part, I am showing the work I did with Erin. As posted in the first blog entry, Erin was new ... this being her first shoot. She is a full figured model, I believe that they call that a "lifestyle" model. Very pretty, blonde hair and incredible eyes and lips. There are some challenges in working with her, very twitchy (moves quickly without allowing us to get more than one shot in any one position) but also very expressive. I ended up with something like 800 or more images of her.

We started in the indoor court attached to the Empire Grill restaurant. There was an escalator under construction, so we sent Erin up there to pose. Crombie controlled many of the poses, but some others were Erin's choice. I caught her waiting on a bench while we worked out some logistics.

Once she went up there, I chose to shoot from an angle instead of straight on. This minimized reflections in the mirrored sides and provided a nice angle into her face.

At some point, she removed her jacket and I got this close up. I quite like the look ...

And just before we got the boot from security, I got this image while she posed in front of a store logo. This was one of our assignments ... an in situ shot that could be used for advertising.

We stepped out into the blazing sunlight and found a bench on the street. We then shot images from across the street, avoiding traffic as best we could. We were alternating between images of Charlotte and Erin, but this post is for Erin's work.

The light was simply too harsh so we quickly wrapped up the bench work and moved into shadow against the buildings in the background there. The sight-line down the street was filled with some lovely trees, so the next shot is quite lovely.

The following shot is the only shot I kept from our stint at the pub. I highlighted that spot in the first Byward Market post. A little Marylin Monroe here ...

We then ducked into a parking garage that was lit only from its entrance -- light that I learned to appreciate from the Balderson shoot. But I didn't like much of the posing against the cement wall. Didn't work for me. I chose only a half body shot and a head shot from that location.

I quite like the blazing light in the hair here.

We left this parking garage and went to one closer to our initial meeting location -- the one in which most of us parked to be exact. We went up to the roof first, which allowed some interesting in situ poses.

I dialed in really close for this classic pose ... and gave it the full treatment.

We walked across the roof for a bit to this piping, against which we could get some interesting leaning poses. Her hair is fine and the wind played with it quite a bit ... I like this particular shot:

This one works, but I'm not quite sure about it.

Finally, we dropped down to the third level I believe ... about 20 feet from my car. Richard's car was also on that level, and he pulled a great big battery powered flood lamp out of the trunk. We used that to light Erin down here and shot high ISO to get some interesting shadow images. These were the last I got for Erin ... in fact, I filled my 16GB card down here for the very first time.

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