Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OMFG ... BANNED for Nothing!

I am on holidays and have posted perhaps once or twice in the last week ... one of which was to tell one of the worst offenders in the "ill-considered opinions sweepstakes" that:

I didn't think it was possible .... but you are still funny.

That was in this post.

DPReview responded this morning:
Dear Kim Letkeman,

This is notification that you have been temporarily banned from
the dpreview.com forums, details of the reason for this ban
are shown below. You will not receive another notification
when the ban has lifted, it will simply expire after the period
shown below.

Incident: 122522
Ban period: 3 days
Ban category:
Flaming / Trolling / Abuse
Ban notes:
'please play nicely'

I am pretty sure that the moderators are not little girls ... so I wonder why they want all the members to post like little girls ...

1 comment:

crazy football mom said...

to quote Russell Peters..."Go nicely...Go!"