Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Blog Attacked

Since I am not welcome on DPReview for the next few days, I thought I'd reply to Erwin Wong's attack here.

His latest comment in this thread contains this snippet:
to be fair i gotta say that for the price that the fuji f70exr is selling at, its quite a camera.... so the fuji is quite good also but not as good as Kim has pictured it to be on his blog... thats the misleading part....
and for me after using the pana zs3 is a better all around camera... thats all

Now, let's look at that logic.

The camera is not as good as has been pictured on my blog.
How could that be, exactly? I show images specifically shot by that camera. Therefore the camera is *exactly* as good as I pictured it. Erwin is just unable to get good results from a sophisticated camera.

That comment was preceded by this comment from him:
you and that Kim guy just cannot keep yourself from being biased in your opinion... i wonder why... you two are ridiculously illogical and annoyingly misleading....again i wonder why....
Now that's a 3rd person attack in a reply to someone else (Bill, someone who actually understands whereof he speaks.) Me being "that Kim guy" gives me the right to rebut. And here it is: "You are full of crap"

Edit: Just noticed this reply from Dave Lloyd ... another 3rd person bash, also a bit of a trademark for him ...

Erwin ... (subject)

Just remember, that many others have tangled with this crud aggrivitis.

It is very typical - KL posts crud - And then Blox posts crud. Have a look through the history and you will see what I mean.

Dave also espouses the "all auto" philosophy .... the reasons for which become instantly apparent whenever he tries to debate technology points.


ano-ny-mous said...

he's a jealous bastard guy!

Kim Letkeman said...

No, I doubt that. He's just bashing around looking for an audience for his hatred of the Fuji cameras and attacking those who point out his logical fallacies.