Wednesday, October 28, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine -- Turned Away Today!

Barrhaven, a smallish (45,000 or so) suburb of a larger suburb (Nepean) of the city of Ottawa, has a 2-day roving H1N1 vaccine clinic. Here is the listing on the city's clinic web site:

Walter Baker Sport Centre
100 Malvern, Barrhaven
October 28, 29, November 23, 24: 2:30-8:30 p.m.

So the boys and I popped over today at 3:13 to get in line ... we knew it would be a long wait, but the boys brought sufficient reading material to get them through and I was going to play with my iPod, since I am testing a data link for a month.

And when we got there, we saw a woman heading downstairs to the lobby to post the "Clinic Full" sign.

So a clinic that is open for 6 hours fills up completely in 43 minutes. The last people to arrive will be waiting for 6 hours until 8:30 this evening. Wow ...

This after the CBC reported that health officials have fixed the problems in Ottawa's clinics ... I suppose that posting the bugger off sign less that 12% the way in is one way to go ...

Edit: My son's friend went 2 hours early the next day, and they were already out of the vaccine. 2 hours early! Apparently, for a small burb of 45,000 people, they thought that 1600 does would suffice ... duh ...

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