Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Nick!

Nick turned 22 today. A big Happy Birthday to him. He got numerous gifts, culminating with what must surely be one of his favorites ... a package of Drum tobacco and some rolling papers. One of the less wonderful things he picked up in Europe ...

Other notable events today ... Nick got a call from Henrys, one of Canada's leading photo outlet chains and they gave him a job!

Awesome ... he will be making above minimum wage and will be eligible for sales bonuses etc. When he graduates in December, he should be able to transition to full time, which will help him prepare for his next European sojourn ... a Master's Degree at Leeds again ... he hopes.

Meanwhile, he received a lovely gift of the same theme a few weeks ago ... this one something he will probably hold onto as a bit of a souvenir. He is 1/8 aboriginal and this is just kind of cool ...

All the images in this post come to you courtesy of the venerable Fujifilm Finepix F11. A wonderful little cam that was never imported to North America. I bought it gray market from a fellow on eBay. It continues to serve me well ... although the F70EXR is far more camera in every way.

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crazy football mom said...

Tellin' ya Kim, Nick sure looks like you. So he picked up smoking in Europe? Too day I'd like to quit. Those smokes say 100% additive free, so at least there be no nicotine and other bad shit in them...however, then what's the point, n'est ce pas? Hope he had a good birfday!