Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nothing Special Hits Two Milestones

This blog started out as mainly a diary. Since then, it has morphed into something a bit more oriented to photography, but retains some feeling or the diary. But because it is a little bit of a mix, which is another word for “confused”, it will never be much of a force in the blog-o-sphere …

Still, a few months ago I realized that I was creeping up on a couple of fairly significant milestones for page views and visits and I wanted to track them so as to make a post like this for each one as I hit the milestone.

Of course, I then forgot about it and ended up blowing through both a few weeks ago. So without further ado …


Now … there are plenty of sites out there that do more traffic every single day than the lifetime traffic of this site. But I am still pleased that my little hobby blog has had over a quarter million visits and a half million page views.

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