Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ban #10 from DPReview

To those sent here from an attack post on a certain photographic forum, please read this before proceeding.

Wrote a poem to someone who was bickering like crazy … the ending was intended as a humorous way of expressing that we both needed to stop. It was apparently worth another ban. Bummer.

I now with some elation,
await your admiration,
despite your feigned frustration,
you're near a revelation,
'cause for any congregation,
to resist annihilation,
requires a good foundation,
to which your dedication,
might excise the aberration,
of sensor mitigation,
through misinterpretation,
of laws that since creation,
have applied to every nation,
providing compensation,
for a lack of education,
and allowing conversation,
that with great anticipation,
and no little desperation,
between our two locations,
for much improved relations,
and a forum situation,
with its terminal salvation,
then we in celebration,
can finally STFU.

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