Monday, July 18, 2011

Published Again!

Ok, this feels like cheating a bit … the Ottawa Citizen first ran my “jumping kids” image on 30 June this year. I was pretty pleased and documented that event in an article on the 29th.

As a reminder, the image being used contains four models from (at the time) Barrett-Palmer Models. They are, left to right, Betsy, Warren, Sam and Nils.

I just received word from Robbi Hay, the editor of Our Town at the Citizen, that she is again using my image as the header on 21 July, in a few days. If you have access to the Ottawa Citizen, be on the lookout this coming Thursday. It will likely be the last page of the Food section again.

The original article PDF is here. The new one is here.

The original header used a wide crop where the title obscured much of Nils’ body.


The new crop is smaller, allowing (actually creating – some pretty decent photoshop work extended the water well to the left) more space for the title to the left of the models and complements them very well in my opinion.


Ah, the joys of summer when one is young …

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