Saturday, December 24, 2011


It’s a convenient solution for holding your stuff while working on your house … but it is full of subtle bait and switch tactics.

First off, I remembered seeing $89 per month as the ongoing monthly incremental charge and presumed of course that this would continue when keeping it longer, so I was not terribly concerned about returning it quickly.

When I went back on the site to find the termination procedure, the number was actually $169 plus tax. Hmmm …

And no one would of course have told me about the actual costs. (They are not stupid, just sleazy.)

I went back through my emails and the ongoing charges are not mentioned at all. Again, trickster stuff.

I was billed on the 17th of November for my 2nd month and the 17th of December for my 3rd month. The POD was picked up on the 23rd of December, so naturally I expected a pro-rated amount back.

And when I called, they said they would call the local office to see if they did such a thing. (Huh?) They would get back to me, which never happened.

So I called in this morning and the fellow said that I would have had to set that up when I made the booking. (Huh? I was never informed about that and the site does not say that. None of my emails even mention it.)

So he transferred me to a woman who told me flat out that my contract says “per month or part thereof” … I asked if she would be sticking to such an unfair contract and she emphatically said yes. Note: My emails from them documenting the POD rental do not say that, so I have no idea what she means.

So be warned. You gotta be careful how you use them because they will take a lot more of your money than you think. I could have sold my furniture and bought new for what they charged me …