Thursday, December 8, 2011

Published! Again … Ottawa Citizen

The Ottawa Citizen is again using an image of mine as the header for the Our Town section of the news paper today …

Click on the following image for a PDF of the page.


Here is the actual paper, captured with my D7000.

Here’s the original at 800px (click to see the larger size.)

Nikon D70s, 70-210 f/4 @ f/4, 1/400s. 800 ISO

That’s a cheap zoom lens from 1985 shot wide open … and the result is very clean and crisp. The D70s was not known for its high ISO prowess, but this image was shot at 800 ISO and is very clean.

A bit of skill with ACR and Topaz Denoise will compensate for a camera’s minor weaknesses. I consider skills very valuable because you can choose the camera you like to hold instead of the one that has the lowest noise. At the time, I should have been shooting a Digital Rebel, but I have never liked Canon bodies in the hand … Nikon fits me much better.