Friday, December 23, 2011

Say hello to my little friend … Fuji X10

Yes, a favorite line from a very good movie. Anyway, the X10 arrived early in the day, which allows me to pop out and replace my CPU in my main machine (long story, I’ll post that as soon as the machine is back up and running.)

Meanwhile, MSL sent me the camera and the leather case. Cool Smile




Sunlight blasting in from a window to the left made the highlights and shadows difficult to balance. In RAW I could make this perfect, but I am posting from a laptop with no processing tools, so these are straight form the D7000.

The X10 is a pretty big fella when compared with the F550 and the F200 … but it does feel pretty nice in the hand so far.

I didn’t bother calling this a review part since it is not worthy … just letting you all know that we’re on our way … as soon as I can pop out and get a new 1100T 6 core processor to replace the destroyed one …