Friday, November 19, 2010

Alas, poor Hamlet!

Another Tat in the family …

So Nick has the two tats I’ve posted before … the skull and crossed skateboards on the inside of his left arm, and the Maple Leaf on his upper right chest. Apparently both hurt quite a bit.

Jonny decided to go one better and get a very tall tattoo of a skeleton holding Hamlet’s head … the obvious reference to a reversed Hamlet and Skull thing. This being Jon’s homage to his English degree in progress I suppose.

Apparently, tattooing over the rib cage is wicked painful :-)

Here is the D700’s rendering of it, shot late last night only hours after he had it done, shot by the light of some compact fluorescents and my monitors, so I had to convert to black and white to remove all the weird color casts.

The shading and detail are pretty magnificent, I must say …


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