Friday, November 5, 2010

WEB Design by Drunken Orangutan

I find the number of US vendors who are seemingly afraid of shipping to Canada (hint: we’re real good shoppers and USPS Priority Mail is very reasonable and quick) to be rather disturbing … but I find the number of WEB sites that are designed by people with IQs that would easily be beaten by a sober Orangutan to be even more disturbing.

Case in point: I am looking for replacement horns for my CR-V, which now makes a click when I press the horn button … not very useful in an emergency. The replacement is pretty easy from what I can tell, so I just need a pair of horns. After a bit of research, I think I like the Hella Supertones, an extremely loud pair of disk horns that should fit nicely in behind my grill – right where the existing pair is. And it comes with a suitable relay so I can easily feed it more power with separate fused wiring just to be sure it gets enough.

But Hellas are notoriously scarce in the wild. ships them for a reasonable price, but these horns are one of many items that Amazon is “not allowed” to ship to my address in Canada. PITA!

So as I look around, I see some eBay vendors that are not too bad for price and shipping, but I also check out a few vendors who come up with various Google searches, one of which is … they have the Hellas for a very decent price:


That’s lower than anywhere else I have seen, so now I am curious how much they charge for shipping. This is quite variable depending on the options offered (UPS in various flavors versus USPS Priority Post being the contenders usually.)

So I dutifully add to cart and then go to my cart to begin the checkout process. But before I checkout, I click the link to “get a shipping quote.” The page I end up on is very promising … allowing selection of country, state / province, and zip / postal code. Wicked!

But when I get there …



Someone was into the Tequila the day he or she came up with that one … and my sincerest apologies to any drunken Orangutans that may have been offended by the comparison to WEB designers who make mistakes like these …

Update: Just picked up a set of these from an eBay seller with a 99.9% positive rating on over 10,000 items … and I got the set for $77usd shipped!, which today is just about $77cad as well.

For those who might be interested in hearinf the Hellas in action … take a listen:

Now those are some irritating horns :-)

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