Friday, November 12, 2010

Azz Everywhere, Azz Everywhere … Shot with D7000

Nathan Lee Bush is an artist who happens to be using the D7000 these days and it makes an incredible low light video camera, smoking the Canon 60D in all his head to head tests.

This video was shot in low light and is pretty amazing … also pretty fun :-)

Azz Everywhere – Big Freedia – Nikon D7000 from Nathan Lee Bush on Vimeo.

From Nathan:

This was a great opportunity: A chance to shoot with the new Nikon D7000 in an extremely low-light environment (most of this footage was shot at ISO 3200), and a chance to shoot Big Freedia, the 'Queen Diva' of the New Orleans Bounce scene that is blowing up.

As you can see, it was insane, with asses literally everywhere.

The lens was a Nikkor 17-55mm DX f2.8. Didn't get a chance to use the Zeiss 28mm f2 I had with me though. All the footage was handheld and focused using just the LCD. Definitely can't wait to try it with the Redrock MicroEVF when that comes out.

For more impressions about the camera read my blog post:

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