Monday, November 15, 2010

Anonymous Posting

The Internet is an interesting place … people from all different places get mixed together by virtue of sharing a common interest, or at least that is what they think is happening.

In fact, the ‘net is rife with predators who feast on others’ relative openness and the freedom of speech rules that are enforced (a copout in my opinion) by corporations like Google, who insist on a court order to reveal the name of blog owners whose blog is nothing but a platform for hate and puerile attacks on others. Several court rulings this year are signaling a potential change in the blogosphere … I suppose we’ll see where that goes.

Meanwhile, I happened to stumble on a comment on Nikonians today, in the thread they now recommend to new members, discussing the subject entitled "Have you ever been belittled about one of your posts?"

There was a response that describes people like that oh so well:

Let me guess. He hides behind a pseudonym, because he has no self esteem.

Whatever reason leads some people to throw in drive by attacks in forums, or to endlessly attack others in ways that could not be printed in any respectable media, it certainly has to come from some form of damage. How else does one get locked into pre-adolescent thinking and behaviors?

There is an excellent blog entry from earlier this year, written by someone very well versed in the area and published on the site. Very good reading …

A quick clip to get you interested:

Rather, anonymity gives many commenters the freedom to be sarcastic, glib, hateful, and oftentimes, downright stupid. I highly doubt that those who scribble some of the more lecherous comments I've read would have the stones to say those same things to the person or organization who is the target of said foul comments.

And another:

Those who post anonymously are, to put it strongly, cowards because they dodge all responsibility and accountability for their words.

All so very, very true … take a peek at the article.

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