Monday, June 20, 2011

F550EXR – Garden in JPEG

I often tout the F550’s RAW support as its killer feature, but in fact this camera shoots excellent jpeg images as well. I was in the garden today working on the pool and thought I would snap the last of my Hansa roses, a variety of native rose bush that blooms for a fair bit of time in June.

Here, I am shooting from a long way away at 360mm equivalent.

Not bad, but if you look closely there is a much better composition buried inside. So I step over the ServiceBerry branches and get closer for this shot.

I like that one. A lottle mood in the background with a brightly lit subject in the foreground. A ROT composition (rule of thirds) and it all hangs together nicely.

Back out and set to 24mm and we can get the ServiceBerry in the image …

Turn left to 45 degrees and photograph the lovely Purple Ninebark with the Burning Bush peeking out from underneath. The bright green in front and to the left are from usurpers that dropped into my garden quite literally inside bird droppings. I plan to cut them down as I don’t need trees interfering with the pool itself.

Step a bit past the Ninebark and I can catch the Silverleaf Dogwood just on the other side.

Here, the usurper is visible in all its glory. Just past it are a huge False Spirea and an even larger Yellowtwig Dogwood with a tiny Purple Sandcherry fighting for its life underneath.

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