Friday, June 3, 2011

Unbelievable Phucking priceS

I sold my D300 and L-Bracket to two different people … the former in Alberta and the latter in British Columbia.

Unfortunately, Canada Post is having their annual shenanigans with the union regarding future hiring and all that fantasy stuff (people don’t mail letters any more, hence the jobs are dying out … it is sad, but it is also entirely inevitable) …

So everyone wants to avoid the mail and both buyers asked for a courier. Well, since I was asking them to pay I figured ok. But things moved slowly so I dropped the price a bit and included shipping. Both sold within the hour, although to the same people. So in the end I might have been ok without the drop. It wasn’t that much anyway, so I didn’t sweat it.

Until today, when UPS quoted me the breathtaking cost of shipping a tiny box that weighs one pound total across the country in a truck that takes a week to get there. 28 bucks! Insured for $100. Geeez ….

The D300 was even more disgusting … 37 bucks plus 24 for 800 bucks insurance. I was very upset and took the packages to Purolator, where they quoted me even more money.

So back I went to UPS and just ate the costs … $102 in the end, about 50 more than I expected. Uniformly Phucking Sucks if you ask me.

And the kicker … the insurance covers loss only, damage is not included.

I cannot see how Canada Post, with their much more reasonable rates, can be losing business to these guys. One presumes that their deficit comes from extreme reduction in letter mail caused by the rise of social networking. Too bad they can never get a handle on it … and I lost 50 bucks today as a result. More to come if they lose the packages.

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