Monday, January 11, 2010

Asshole Drivers

Wow ... 5 days since I blogged. What have I been doing ....

Well, one thing I've been doing is calling my insurance company many times because Nick was creamed by an asshole driver while waiting to make a turn onto Hazeldean Road from Terry Fox Drive. Basically, he was 200 feet from his work and was thinking about how nice a stop at Tim Horton's would be since he was early.

And then .....BAM!

A huge Ford F150 slams into him because he was driving full speed while looking for a break in traffic, not noticing the little Acura that was also waiting for a break in traffic.

What an asshole.

I've always found that pickup truck drivers are a special breed ... so the fact that it was a pickup truck that did it was no huge surprise.

And to top it all off ... he wrote his info on a sheet of paper and then fucked off ... yes, left the scene of an accident with a car that was clearly damaged. His bumper is ripped to shreds and his left quarter panel pushed in 3 inches with the lens half busted on that side ... his trunk is pushed in and he has a terrible rattle when the speakers in the back play.

But the big truck was hardly scratched ... and that is why we should take these behemoths off the road or demand special training for their drivers. Because they suck ...

And to top it all off ... I spent part of Sunday and part of today taking Nick around to make police reports and see doctors ... he is having back spasms that are so strong that he has trouble walking and breathing sometimes. Luckily, he is comfortable when sitting, else he could not drive or function in any way. Still, he doesn't need to drive much for the next week as the doctor took him off work to recover from the spasms.

And the asshole took off because it was no big deal ...
Edit: Many days later and Nick is still doing physio for a bruised spine and some bruised ribs. The car is a write-off, and Nick has to surrender the rental on Tuesday … it will be days before we get the check and can go shopping for the next shit-box that is sure to be far crappier than the last one (which had a young engine  … to quote Bruce Cockburn, if I had a rocket launcher

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crazy football mom said...

Sue His Ass!!! How does it work there? In MB we cannot, as we have Autopac, the no fault bullsh*t insurance. At least Nick got the a**hole's info. Sorry, Nick, that really bites. Hope you feel better soon. Sorry, Kim...I have been there and done that quite a few times...and none were my fault, I stress. Hope things work out.