Monday, March 26, 2012

The 1% and their greed screw Canada yet … one … more … time ….

Geezuz … this is getting tedious. Another rich set of investors take the money and run, leaving Canada with its thumb up its bum when the time comes to decide whether to feed our own people or ship it all elsewhere and let us starve,

I won’t even bother to rail again … this article (thanks go to my sister Gaye for pointing this one out) clearly outlines yet another depressing story, this time focused on Canada’s penchant for grabbing the bucks, to hell with the future.

And where is out government while this country squanders its resources in the name of a few bucks for a few rich people?

Thumb up the bum … that’s where. (Perhaps building some serious hack and slash creds for when the time comes to reap the post civil service contracts?)

Anyway … click below and cry …