Saturday, March 24, 2012

The potential for human stupidity never ceases to amaze me … vaccinations are FUxxING MANDATORY!

The whole controversy regarding immunization should not even be on the table, much less a dangerous public health hazard. I can hardly speak when I contemplate how many people put everyone else at risk to satisfy their own smug, self-satisfied, non-critical thinking, vacuous, puerile stupidity.

(Don’t mince words … tell us what you really think!)

From vacuous celebrities with their fatuous arguments to religious nut jobs with their faith that disease won’t strike them, people are opting out in record numbers in certain pockets of the USA. Who the fuck “opts out” of taking care of their children? Meth-heads? Maybe. But just as dangerous are these people who simply feel that their children do not need man’s intervention.

Idiots of the highest order.

From the Wall Street Journal article (link only valid for 7 days from now for non subscribers):

Parts of Oregon, Washington state, Idaho, Montana and a few other states have some of the lowest rates of compliance with vaccination guidelines

Overall vaccination rates in some of these communities are under 80%, far below the threshold that is needed to prevent an outbreak for certain diseases.

Exemptions in many states for philosophical or religious reasons allow parents to opt out of requirements for children to be vaccinated before entering school. Other parents delay immunizations for their young children, leaving them exposed to possible infections for a longer time.

"The Northwest is a black hole for religious exemptions"

Health experts say a community needs about 95% of its citizens to be immunized against measles to ensure herd immunity, where vaccinating a large percentage of a population keeps even unvaccinated people from getting the disease. Even people who aren't vaccinated, such as newborns, get some protection from herd immunity

WTF? EXEMPTIONS? OPT OUT? Now we have public health organizations run by idiots too? In the last decade, religious exemptions in Oregon are up from 2% to 5.6%. Soon, that alone will be the cause of the next major outbreak and children will start dying.

The human animal is obviously just that … an animal. All brawn and no brain. How sad for us that even problems we have already solved are being systematically destroyed by the USA’s shift from away from being a secular nation. And that when the vast majority of other nations are seemingly going in the opposite direction. The separation of church and state is supposed to guarantee that important policies and decisions are not subject to interference in this way.

Something has gotta give, and it is clearly going to be the health of some of these communities where logic has being vanquished by the illogic of many of their citizens …