Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fuji X10 in the snow at night …

No idea why I did not publish this image when I took it. It was shot on 27 December 2011 at 5:17pm, and I was coming out of a shopping center. It was obviously snowing to beat the band, but that also makes for a nicely lit image. I used a short shutter speed and got some lovely snow streaks in the sky.

The lights are pretty blown, but that is my fault as I wanted to draw out the snow. There are no classic X10 ORBs in this image, the overall ambient light was too high to create the necessary sensor blooming that triggers the ORB production.

Anyway … a shot to remind us why we love spring so much Smile

Fuji X10  400iso  f/2  1/10

Processed with ACR7 and CS6. Love that new 2012 process.