Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In keeping with my recent theme of extreme government waste and extravagance …

A comment on the CBC story that our federal government is now being accused of rigging the F35 deal (how shocking :-) led me to this very interesting open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, leader of our neo-conservative party, a merging of the Reform Party, an extreme right wing party from the badlands in Alberta with the last two conservative members standing. People continue to elect these guys because they are incredibly confused … they think these guys are the conservatives of old.

Anyway, these fellas love the US of A’s thoroughly broken society (e.g. excessive spending on war on drugs that leads to super prisons chock full of non-criminals, excessive military spending without a lot of due process, excessive influence by corporatist lobbies, and so on.) They seem to want to make ours an off shoot … hence their focus on “deep integration.”

Now, I will freely admit that this article is the first I’ve heard of it. It is actually an open letter to our Prime Minister from Ralph Nader, one of the great shit-disturbers on the planet. Now get this … he is sounding the alarm that the deep integration agenda should not be handled in total secrecy. A US citizen blowing the whistle on our government. What does that tell us about this federal government? Nothing good, that’s what.

This is a government that happily prorogued two parliamentary sessions to avoid embarrassing disclosures. Yet voters gave them a majority to do as they pleased, so now we have minimum sentences (even Texas has come out and said that they do not work), our own little drug war, and F35 fighters that we do not need and that do not work. We are broke, but we are integrating anyway, in secret.


Read the article … it’s an eye opener: http://rabble.ca/news/2011/04/ralph-nadar-open-letter-stephen-harper-canada-us-deep-integration