Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And one more time … governments have a responsibility to leave a solid country behind …

Ours wants instead to leave a country solidly behind …

Too many of our governments have driven our debt upwards … the current government of Stephen Harper inherited Paul Martin’s very competent surpluses and carried them forward for only two years before launching programs that see our debt curve going even more asymptotic than Dalton McGuinty’s curves for Ontario.

Note Harper’s curve when adjusted for current inflation. Not pretty …



Of course, the curves are mostly upwards except for the long and very fruitful period where Chretien and Martin were the Prime Ministers. And Martin was Chretien’s Minister of Finance for a lot of his time. In other words, you give the controls someone with vision and discipline like Paul Martin and you get sensible spending that maintains the status quo in real terms at least.

And even they could not stop the ravages of inflation, apparently. But running up even higher debt is not exactly the answer, and the policies of the current government are going to see us buy crappy jet fighters that we do not need and expand our prison system to support a war on drugs that we do not need.

In other words, Harper is bent on following a right wing red necked program that will see this country fall very far from its status as one of the best countries to live in. Of course, a few corporate lobbyists will get much richer and numerous government officials will probably land very softly later on, so who should complain?