Friday, March 30, 2012

Ahhh … conservatives … thank goodness for conservatives and their tight reign on the fiscal health of the nation …


Harper’s governments have managed to raise their operational spending by a whopping 25 Billion, or 54%, since it came to power in 2006.

Whaaaaaaaaat, you say?

That’s right. The “conservatives” are the most liberal spenders we’ve had in quite some time.

And now, their idea of an “austerity budget” is to shave tiny increments off the budget each year until they have managed to peel away 5.2 Billion in 3 years … which is about 1/5 of the excess spending that they themselves added in the first place.

Yup … the most conservative (and competent) fiscal manager we’ve had in decades was a Liberal -- Paul Martin – both as Minister of Finance and as Prime Minister.

This government, by comparison, is a gong show.

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