Thursday, December 30, 2010

BVR – Barrhaven Vietnamese Restaurant

I stopped by the other evening when Jon was out and grabbed a bowl of one of my favorite soups (might be tied with Heinnezup, Laksa and Goulash Soup.) Anyway, the whole place has been redecorated and has a fairly elegant look now … with a lot more separation of the patrons from each other as there are short walls and fabric panels everywhere. It’s a really comfortable atmosphere now … and it was not bad before.

Here’s how the F300EXR renders that …



Nice place, and the decorations for the holidays really add to it. One of the better attempts I’ve seen at a restaurant this year.

I had not eaten all day and I had spent the afternoon walking the Beaver Trail (now that connection I had not yet made … BVR is pronounced Beaver by everyone I know.) So I ordered my absolute favorite crispy spring rolls …. the Vietnamese do this better than any other cuisine in my opinion.


While I waited for the spring rolls, I performed a simple test. I shot a macro image of the paper place mat in P mode at 1600ISO and in Pro Low Light mode at 1600 ISO. Just for fun, I will link the originals … click through to compare them. Remember that these cams are not for pixel-peepers, so if your eyes are traumatized, don’t complain to me :-) 

P mode


Pro Low Light


Pro Low Light crops a bit to perform its magic of combining four images into one. It has slightly less noise, but the P mode image is not overrun with noise either. The P mode image seems to resolve slightly less detail as well.

Anyway … eventually the main event arrived … I added a dollop of hot sauce and then enjoyed a wonderfully salty beef broth with thin beef slices, onions and lots of rice noodles.


Crappy composition … sorry about that.

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