Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kindle Strikes Again! Is Amazon Anti-Canadian? Or is it just the entire fricken publishing industry?

For the second time in the last month, I tried to purchase a new release novel in a series I have been following. Last time it was the new Harry Bosch Novels, Volume 3 by Michael Connelly. This time, Cross Fire by James Patterson.

And for the second time, I have been thwarted by moronic copyright restrictions, no doubt hatched in the slow-witted brain of some publishing industry imbecilic hack! Can you tell that I am pissed off?


WTF is Kindle doing? Can they not work this out? How many millions did they earn by selling the Kindle device in Canada? And why is it that they cannot make these titles available in Canada in Kindle format?


All the other formats can come here. Why not this one? The Canadian Amazon seems entirely neutered in this area. Why can they not market the goddamned Kindle editions of books they have in other formats?

When did ripping Canadians off threaten become the publishing industry’s legacy?

And this last bit it just too sweet … I clicked on “Shop titles available in Canada” like a good little Canadian plebe, and guess what the #1 title was? This is so apropos …


Click on that and read it … if you choke on your food or giggle yourself to death you will be forgiven :-)

One day these publishers will look back and realize that they defined this book’s subject …

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