Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Need to be Special

I saw this van on the street today and had to whip out the F300EXR, which graces my pocket all the time nowadays and grab a snap.

DSCF2314_ltdednIt took 3 or 4 seconds to decode the plate and I laughed and laughed when I got it. Because it’s a silver Chrysler people carrier … what could possibly be special about that? It just seemed so out of place to put a vanity on something most men would be a bit embarrassed to drive. (And make no mistake, I like these vans to drive … just not in which to be seen. :-)

I ended up pulling alongside him at the next light and lo, and behold, the joke was on me.


I still don’t get why the vanity plate was needed to reinforce the message, but I cannot argue with the validity.

The lesson to take away is to not judge until you have all the information …

Duh …

By the way, I was browsing a Vanity Blog by the owner of Shawn Blog and found it quite amusing. Have a look

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