Friday, December 31, 2010

IPS Monitors on Sale at Dell.CA

IPS monitors are at the top of the food chain where color and tone accuracy is concerned. These monitors can be calibrated to very close tolerances and will allow you process your images very accurately. Your prints will turn out exactly as you see them if you calibrate correctly. (Hint: get a Huey Pro.)

I just purchased a Dell U2311H 23” HD monitor, which is part of Dell’s IPS line of monitors. I got a great deal, but the monitor has just gone on sale for even less cash than I forked out.


At these prices, these two monitors are a real steal. Note that these are not equivalent to Apple’s Cinema displays. Those are in a class by themselves. But these are still excellent, and they have an anti-glare coating that works very well. I am very pleased with mine.

A word to the wise: Dell sales are generally very short lived. If you have been pining for one of these now, don’t wait. Of course, the sales come around every month on one or another monitor, so if you are not in a rush, just keep these monitors in mind.

A detailed review of the 23” monitor is here:

That review also contains an excellent set of setup and calibration instructions. Please use these as the monitor is otherwise much too bright for processing images.

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