Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fuji S1 versus HS50EXR – Review Part 27 – Low light video test versus Panasonic G6 and GM1 by the light of two candles …

Once again I shoot a video by the light of two candles … I think this embarrassingly bad Haiku sums things up nicely.

Two candles burning brightly
Big sensors, long strides
Small sensors stumbling blindly

Anyway, I set the four cameras up side by side on a tripod:

I set this tripod about 6 feet from the test subject, a maple chair with the candles lighting the setup I used for the ISO ladders. The video is pretty much self-explanatory as I show you the video and audio of each camera in turn, with a few adjustments along the way. Near the end, I turn on the studio lamp that was used for the good light test.

All in all, the Fujis do pretty poorly. This is expected for their small sensors as this is simply not a strength. I just wanted to see if the decent low light performance in the ISO ladders might translate to improved low light video. The answer is a ringing no!