Saturday, January 19, 2013

Canada axes gun show laws on advice of controversial committee – Seriously?

The recent spate of gun violence against the general public in the United States has their president (and a fairly conservative liberal one to boot, if you get my drift) searching for answers to their ever increasing gun violence.

Now, I am no expert on the topic (I do have gold, silver and bronze Sporting Rifle Marksman badges from the province of Manitoba’s Provincial Rifle Associate in the smallbore category from when I was a teenager in the 70s, so I am also not exactly anti-gun per se), but I have read enough lately to have my own feelings and opinions.

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So exactly how oblivious does our government have to be to relax our own gun laws at the same time as the USA is struggling to find a way to introduce some small amount of gun control themselves.

I mean, in light of recent incredibly tragic events in the USA, are we really this obtuse and insensitive?

So here is an opinion from me:

These recent tragedies seem to the the work of your average guy, as was Columbine and other less recent massacres. In fact, it never seems to be a known criminal going on a rampage, but rather a common citizen … a “guy on the street” with mental instabilities (by definition, yes?)

These people have very easy access to guns in the USA (thanks to the constant pressure and lobbying of the very powerful NRA) and they bought and trained on them in plain sight. Then they went ape shit and killed lots of people in theaters and elementary schools, to pick two of the more egregious events.

So how on God’s green earth could easier access to guns and less control be justified when things like this are happening so close to us?

And don’t forget that we have had very similar tragedies ourselves … also by ordinary citizens. Example:

We have no high moral ground to stand on … yet our government continues to pretend that Canada is immune. I find it shameful for our government to be thumbing their noses at the USA in such a blatant fashion in their time of sorrow.

As I said above, these are my opinions. If I am somehow missing some incredibly subtle factoids that make it all ok, someone please enlighten me in the comments.