Wednesday, January 9, 2013

F800EXR vs F770EXR – Review Part 1 – The Arrival

MSL (Fuji Marketing in Canada) sent me the announcement for the spring cameras from Fuji, a rather delectable group and the subject of a near-future post, and we got to talking over email about the cameras to be reviewed starting around April of this year.

Well, Sacha suggested that he had an F800EXR available for review and would I like to review it while I wait for the new ones? Well, of course I would :-) … and many thanks go to MSL for keeping me on their list after a really bad summer knocked me right out of the game for months.

That was yesterday, and my door bell rang a few minutes ago and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Well, not a drunk bunch of reindeer and a case full of beer, in case you were wondering. But rather FedEx with the usual armor plated shipping container that MSL use these days for moving these cameras around the country.

I immediately put the pair of them (their F800EXR and my new F770EXR) together and you would be forgiven for confusing them with each other as they are twins. The only obvious difference from the front is the GPS stenciled on the F770 and whatever that us stenciled on the F800 :-)

panasonic g5 & olympus 45mm 1.8  1600iso  f/1.8  1/20

Yeah, it’s very dark as you can see by the exposure. And the light sucks, so I had to correct white balance in LR. And yet the image is amazingly clean. That’s why I like the m4/3 cams.

Anyway … to reinforce the twin concept …

panasonic G5 & olympus 45mm 1.8  1600iso  f/1.8  1/15

Now that’s a nice pair …