Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saving Grace – Stunning error on film …

The cable TV show called Saving Grace and starting Holly Hunter is a rather entertaining cop show set in Oklahoma City about a decade after the bombing of the federal building. Hunter is a female cop who lives a really hard life and who has a “last chance Angel” show up to try to set her straight.

Anyway … I find it amusing and watch it now and again. Well, today I noticed a moment that stunned me. In Season 3 Episode 3 – A Little Hometown Love – an OCPD civilian employee is killed in the bathroom at a cop bar while it is filled with cops. And Grace and his wife are in the morgue, singing a song that means something to the wife.

At around 14:50 of the show (Netflix time, anyway), the corpse swallows. No kidding Smile

Just thought I’d point it out so you all could check it out. It’s good for a serious chuckle ….