Sunday, August 2, 2009

Banned Again!

Dear Kim Letkeman,

This is notification that you have been temporarily banned from the forums, details of the reason for this ban are shown below. You will not receive another notification when the ban has lifted, it will simply expire after the period shown below.

Incident: 120906
Ban period: 4 days
Ban category: Flaming / Trolling / Abuse Ban notes:
Note the reason ... NULL.

I made exactly one post recently that might have generated a complaint. A fella, lets call him Knave with the last name Avoid, has a knack for posting really dumb ideas as information, backed by his trademark "I have shot thousands of images", which if course has both zilch and squat to do with an actual test.

Tests must be designed to isolate variables so that you actually test for something instead of everything. Testing without such controls makes it impossible to make any definitive statements or conclusions on any specific issues (in this case, Fuji's selective sledge-hammer noise reduction.)

I responded with a scathing retort as I was frankly tired of the constant bull shit and back-handed side-swipes that pass on that forum these days.

Sofa King?
Todd did.

Say it fast over and over ... don't blame me if you laugh 'til you puke ...

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Anonymous said...

Not to worry Kim. There are quite a few others on the forum that could do with a couple of shots across the bows. Forum is too pedantic these days - nobody interested in real world results.