Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where were you born?

I mean *exactly* where you were born ... do you know? I doubt it makes much difference to most people, but for me it's kind of nice to know in exactly what building I was born. In my case, this was the Bethel Hospital in Winkler, Manitoba in the southern portion of the middle of Canada.

The building was a bit smaller when I was born, but then so was I. It is my understanding that the building has been torn down now ... and interestingly, so have I ...

Winkler is a nice little Mennonite town in southern Manitoba, not all that far from the US border. It is only 7 miles from Morden, which is where one of my favorite singers -- Loreena McKennitt -- was born in the same year I was (1957.)

She's 5 months older than I am ... that can't hurt my chances .... nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Another great thing happened in 1957, Chevrolet built the very best car they would *ever* make ... in fact, they built the greatest car that would ever exist ...

And, of course, there was that Sputnik thing ...

I suppose all this somehow makes me just slightly more interesting than I was before you started reading this particular post :-)

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